Travelogue Canada 2: Toronto – Winnipeg

October 2009


had the world’s greatest city tour around toronto yesterday morning. brilliant guide with a good combo of history and trivia and (seeing as i was the only one on the bus most of the way he shared) some of the left-of-centre factoids that i’m guessing he doesn’t tell just everyone. ;o)

toronto is a very interesting city. love the fact that they have an entire mall/city under the city itself. what’s not to love about 17 square kilometres of shopping under the hustle bustle of the poor bastards that have to work for a living?!

am pleased to report that fast food underground is just as satisfying as overground (altho i guess i could have just checked that with The Wombles), having been persuaded through some not-so-subtle indoctrination by tour guide to sample Tim Horton’s – the biggest fast food chain in Canada started by some famous sports guy (and that contraversially bought out Subway and is now based in America – oooo). they’re famous for their soup & sandwich combos… and you know how i feel about sandwiches. had a (magnificent) french onion soup and chicken / BLT / honey mustard club on sourdough. woah, awesome!

all fed and ready to go, headed to airport to meet (almost literally) Phillipa. did a catch-up at the airport (including me giving her a guided tour of Canadian sandwaiches – they are EVERYWHERE here) and then hopped on plane, managing to swap seats to be next to each other.

chatted and giggled like old friends and an indeterminate (thanks to changing time zones and the added complication of daylight savings) few short hours later we were in the booming metropolis of winnipeg.

caught a taxi to our hotel and found that we’re indeed the dowdiest people here. tres chic indeed. fortunately the Clan Cameron reunion – complete with freezing Canadians in kilts and accoustically-bold foyer and incessant bagpipe combo – meant we slipped through relatively unnoticed.

after our long planestrainsandautomobiles journey, the big poofy cloud-like beds almost caught us, but we resisted just long enough to get off to pizza hut to eat way too much. didn’t last long on return though and again i’m wondering, post 23h00 to 07h45 sleep, if my bio-rhythms aren’t trying to tell me something…

big brekkie this morning – denver omelette with cheese, ham, spring onion and mushrooms + back bacon + some other pea-something bacon that’s crumbed and sort of like gammon. have pocketed all sort of little nibbly-bit cheesey things for the flight.

did a quick whip around winnnipeg. not much to report. except are trying to lose the extra day here on way back so can get back to toronto and try for a niagara falls tour.

on our way to churchill now. we’re told no comms, so might be a bit til next we speak!!