Travelogue Canada 8: The Wales

November 2009


have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in the bustling metropolis of Llanrhidian. B&E (and mom and griffin) are in a house literally right next door to the school, so it’s super-convenient and means the mornings are quite a relaxed affair seeing as school only starts at 09h00 and it’s a 25 second walk.

we went past their new house yesterday. it’s in a (yes, hard to believe) SMALLER village than this one, called Landimore. there are no road names (not a biggie since there are essentially only 2 roads) so the houses don’t have numbers they have names. B&E’s new house is called The Cottage. if you ever want to rediscover the lost art of letter-writing then you can reach them on:
The Cottage

easypeasy just like that. :o)

we’d set off on a mission to go and secure some salt marsh lamb for SCM and to take to the londoners, but the people at Weobly Castle felt it wasn’t a work day so there was nobody there, nor answering to the numbers posted on the door. never fear though, this is sheep territory so we just got details for a butcher in the neighbouring town and set out on a mission to find said demigod. we bought the most spankable 2kg rolled SML londres, cubes for the lamb stew for SCM and some delightful sirloin as a bonus round.

then we decided to drive into the country (about 7.5 minutes in any direction) for lunch at The King Arthur, so named because it’s right by Arthur’s Stone, which legend says started off as a pebble in King Arthur’s boot that was irritating him and as he was such a great man, he pulled off his boot while riding to shake loose the stone. the stone rolled down the hill and became a massive boulder. which is now perched all alone atop a little hill (he was THAT great that the stone rolled uphill, nogal) and makes a good landmark on the horizon, if not a very ‘i have a vivid imagination i’m not afraid to use’ story. (and a great place to get engaged – this was the spot that B&E did ring swap and the official official thing)

the pub is a super-traditional one that must have been operating forever and a day, with all the usual pub fare you’d expect (like steak and mushroom pies with mega puff pastry caps) and some unusuals (for me). we shared the chicken wrapped in bacon with cheese and leek sauce and mash and a wild boar steak with cider and apple sauce and homebrew chips. YUM. all washed down with usual pint of Carling.

all fed, cooking done and housework down (am definitely bringing martha next time) we set about to practice our sloth. had to rest up for the Wig Party! em had bought us wigs for our halloween costumes, but typically, they arrived 2 days too late…. so we used them for a global outies SCM theme instead. was very weird having a skype webcam conv with the 3 of us here and the usual suspects at my house over there. it also seemed a trifle unsettling for mick and mal who didn’t seem to understand where my voice was coming from. was marvy to catchup with everyone again tho. methinks this might have to be a regular calendar event! the lamb stew was great tho, served with garlic bruscetta with melted feta.

em’s mom also got back from costa rica yesterday so there was much joviality (not at all because of the champagne, red wine, beers and jagermeister) and some exotic dancing in the kitchen. we were clearly not as merry as the other night tho seeing as we weren’t even tempted to try walking in em’s ohsoprettybutnevergonnawearthem green sequined heels. we did find other uses for them tho – you know hat, earrings, guns, the usual…

now we’re off to catch the train to london – for a (bound to be) merry reunion with faye, lix and RoRoRo (i gave him my middle name so he gets a bonus ‘Ro’. i’m not taking ‘birkmyre’ tho!)