Being a good sport

I’ve recently started playing action netball (again) and have a fab group of girls that are spirited, committed, enthusiastic (and well-dressed thanks to our spanky new Hoopers tees, with the logo and slogan – ‘so refined, delightful in takkies’ – a spoof on Hooters)… but, as yet, we haven’t won a game. Which means, yes, we’ve lost all of them.

I’m not a big advocate of the ‘it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game’ malarkey on the sports field. I’m competitive. And I would like to win for a change! Off the court is a whole different story – how you play is vital, games aren’t in anyone’s best interest and winning isn’t always what you think it is.

In my world that has been seemingly consumed by sport, I’m going to put all the constructive lessons into play in an effort to be the best sport I can be. No point getting teed off and tearing around parring for the course; no point in making craterous divots which could easily be nice little molehills. That’s just not cricket. The score’s Love all, but 3 strikes and you’re out. Do a little crouch, touch, pause, engage; do a lot of puck shit up; tackle some challengers and score a few goals of my own.

I’m on a good wicket. It’s playtime and I’m amped to bring the fun!