Between mi and you

Anyone who’s had a migraine – meegraine as they say in English and mygraine as they say in American; no matter how you say it, right now the only thing explicit is that it’s mine! – would know that it’s not fun. It’s the cold cruel king of the headaches and usually hits you when you least expect it or can least afford it. It’s tiring and leaves you bed-ridden but high and dry of the one thing that would give reprieve… sleep.

Being a big proponent of sayings like “what’s bad for the body is good for the soul” and “the only thing worth doing in moderation is moderation”, I would be able to deal with it if it was a hedonist-ache rather than a garden-variety headache. It’s all fair in love and war if the ache is earned – and you can concede that no matter the plans, a good time was had by all. A headache out of nowhere, at the tail end of a busy day spent doing constructive things just seems so unfair, so unwarranted and so unnecessary.

But still, no matter how lousy it is, if i had to choose between mi and you, I wouldn’t wish a migraine on you because (even though you can be a pain in the ass sometimes) I’d know how your yougrain feels and that would make me feel twice as bleak as I do today.