Frienemies and enemends

Why do they say ”keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”? Surely it’s effort better spent to get the enemies to disappear altogether?

The suffixes of the very words (enemy vs friend) give enemies jurisdiction over you and a doomed outlook on the prospect of friendship. Surely keeping the enemy closer just makes them a frienemy, when it’d be far more functional to make them an enemend!

Why do we waste so much energy on people that will just never fit into our life? Excess baggage that will always cause discontent by their very presence. If only the enemy could be banned from the future and stricken from the record. Deleted for good and feel good for deleting. Don’t build bridges that are better off burnt; right the wrong feuds and mend the right fences. Focus energy and action on the people that count. People that you care about and that care about you in return. Focus on the people that will be in the albums of photos you haven’t yet taken.

Bring back the good and banish the bad. Bring on the good times!

One thought on “Frienemies and enemends”

  1. Oppkobling til vår egen alarmstasjon med overvåkning døgnet rundt, gratis vekterutrykninger og profesjonell installasjon er faste elementer i
    vårt tilbud.

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