Travelogue St Louis 2: London – St Louis

April 2008


sooo…. it’s been quite a week. they’ve actually had me <gasp> working. gggrrr. to make matters worse, there was a dark patch from bedtime on tuesday (later than i care to remember, but late enough that i’m constantly getting thooose impression-inspired reminders!) to lunchtime on thursday where there was no computer time at all. I KNOW!!! can’t remember the last time i was offline for that long!!

now, where were we? … mmmm…. at faye’s lounging and slothing.

post watching bubblegum horror film, having a superlative daytime nap (which NEVER happens) and much-needed showers all round, we headed off for Lix and RoRo’s place. Plan A (some schmancy restauranty thing) had been fraught with too many possible temptations for our resident Athlete – who we all know would have been led down the evil path by us, being Satan’s children wildly and freely wherever we can as we do <throaty> hahaha – so we cast aside all idea of going out into public and headed for Plan B – the ‘burbs. what a marvy idea!

lix outdid herself with ridiculously juicy and tender chicken schnitzels, with the most scrumptious mushroomy garlicky white winey sauce. which we made her make twice cos it’s one of those things where you just. can’t. get. enough!! gggrrr (in a nice way). complemented with a great vintage… erm… beer…. erm… or 7.

a great afternoon led to a great evening and into the inevitable grrreat night :o) lots of crap-speak, bonding, larfs and good times. yay us! got to bed way later than expected, after the usual bouncing around the lounge, with the added spice of Alex The Helicopter and a fun chapter called Clarks and Lix Fall Into The Telly. <blazing blushing stuff>

thought i was going to die when i woke up on sunday morning. real early. keeping real still so as not to turn queasy to dry heave (and / or worse). didn’t help. after fighting for hours i had to leopard crawl to lix to seek direction on The Strongest Drugs Known To Man Which Clearly Are The Only Thing That Could Save Me Now.

dunno what them little effervecenty things are, but man oh man – The Bomb. the world stopped spinning, thoughts of solid food (in the distant future of course) didn’t cause shudders and shiverless thoughts of day, outside and bright gave me hope that we might actually make it to the marathon that we’d travelled 11,000kms to see. happy happy days.

am so pleased too cos the race vibe was rocking (or maybe that was just me, being noticeably shakier than ever before) and faye was considerately on time-ish so there wasn’t too much arsing about with all them family and athleticky types. dry heave returned briefly when a runner in a Borat cozzie passed us. gave me a new mental image for next time i hear “Jump Around” hahaha.

sadly, had to hit the road straight after seeing Faye in an effort to automobile, train and plane to the States. Burger King saved my life. had a number 1 with cheese and bacon, which was a trifle dry. mental note to self, First World countries don’t give you any condiments unprompted. suck suck suckedy. <how ungrateful am i>

got to the airport on time. and was first in the airline queue, which i have never ever had before… would be the one time i didn’t need it! my colleagues (bless ’em) had checked in my suitcase so i sailed through and had time to chill with an ice cold coke.

american airlines food is superlative. had a chickeny cheesy pasta-y thingy. and a pizza later for a snack. actually, if that’s what they serve you gotta wonder about what Italia serve. mmmmm.

got in about midnight. great time to check in cos there are no queues. i also had no strength and no power of speech and the receptionist clearly no training and no logic. so, all in all, it was a worker of a moment, missing only someone to capture it in a moooooovie to make America’s Crankiest Home Videos.

alrighty, so now that we’ve put the ho into hotel, it’s a good time to take a repose and keep you hanging for the next gripping installment. that and i have to leave for the airport now (or you’re going to continue to get Travelogues cos i’ll never get home!!)

toodles xxx